News and Announcements

News and Announcements


Building Engines, Inc. Acquires Real Data Management (RDM)

Define your own Target Rentable Square Footage in RealAccess

Modify your floor plans in seconds with DRAW Tool on RealAccess

Marketing made simple with RealAccess Marketing and Leasing Plan Automation

RDM Power User Awards

New BOMA Delivers Big CRE ROI

Happy Holidays from RDM

RDM Unveils New Digital Scanning Solution to Map the World's Commercial Real Estate Spaces.

Final Deadline for the Local Law 26/04: Final Report

Family Fun Thanksgiving Facts

Our Updated Whitepaper on Building Measurement is Now Available

There is a faster way to build your custom stacks.

Jonathan Pedican, VP at RDM, Lands in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area

Want to make the workday fun? No Prob-Llama!

RDM Supports Customers in Series of CRE Megadeals

Midwest Region Market Research on BOMA 2017 is Now Available.

Visualize your portfolio with the Interactive Floor Plan

RDM Announces the Launch of Space Analytics, a Breakthrough Solution for Commercial Real Estate

Stacking Plans your way on RealAccess

Determine your building's potential growth with RDM's Value Calculator

Energize your marketing efforts with the Leasing & Marketing Plans feature on RealAccess

BOMA's new measurement standards: Who wins, and who loses?

RealAccess Reports: Measure your Properties' Growing Value

South Region Market Research on BOMA 2017 is Now Available

DRAW Tool: The Engine that delivers Space Analytics

RDM hosts Measurement Matters workshop in Washington DC

Tour your spaces in 3D and Virtual Reality on RealAccess

Save time with Stack to Excel Automation

RDM’s National Expansion Lands in Chicago for January 2018

RDM Digitizing the old CRE workflow

Filing Your 14 Year Report - Local Law 26 of 2004

Thomas Mitrevski promoted to Product Manager at Real Data Management

Congrats, Mike, on running the NYC Marathon!

What Office Landlords Need To Know About BOMA 2017

5 Awesome RealAccess Features

The 5W's of BOMA International 2017 Office Standards

RDM Launches Leasing and Marketing Floor Plan Automation

Jonathan Pedican promoted to Vice President of Account Management at Real Data Management

BOMA 2017: Are you ready? RDM is here to help you figure it out.

The Second(-ish) Wave of CRE Tech

3 ways to use BOMA measurement to maximize your RSF

3D Tech in CRE is More Than a Gimmick when Paired with Managed Services

RDM Announces the Launch of Virtual Reality Integration to their Commercial Real Estate Platform

New Release: Interactive Floor Plan Ruler

Peter Boritz of RDM participates in NYU's 4th Annual Student Symposium on International Real Estate

There is a better way to manage your documents!

Do you know your Growth Potential?

Track Your Leasing Lifecycle from Lead to Renewal

Our 2017 Whitepaper on Building Measurement is Now Available

A Facelift for RealAccess

NEW RELEASE: Export Stack to Excel

Benefits of a Remeasurement Survey

All Square Feet Are Not Equal

New RealAccess Feature Release: Mobile Stacks 2.0

RDM believes success depends on developing great business leaders

Your Building. Your Brand. Your Choice. The new Color Picker feature on RealAccess.

JLL Signs Partner Service Agreement with RDM, CRE Tech and Solutions Provider

Building data is leveraged when integrated with CRE software

Everything You Need to Know About Fire Protection Plans in NYC

Taking the guesswork out of the BOMA method of building measurement

Automatic CRE space calculator for BOMA and REBNY

Our Top 7 Podcast Picks for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

RDM to Provide Emergency Action Plan Services for the Westfield World Trade Center in Manhattan

RDM Connects to Customer MRI data with API

Your stacks have never looked better.

Your Lease Activity. Automated.

RDM Launches New CRE Tech for Property Managers

RDM Launches DRAW, a New Technology Solution Giving Users the Power to Re-Imagine Floor Plans and Automatically Recalculate Space

Measurement Matters: RDM's Workshop for Real Estate Professionals

RDM CEO Peter Boritz says: CRE Tech success depends on a people first approach. 

RDM Adds Over 32 Million Sq. Ft of Office Space in Q4 2015 Using Pipeline Feature

RDM Inks Strategic Partner Deal with MRI Software

Food Around the World

3 Reasons Technology is Killing Your Recruiting Game

Partner Deal with MRI Software

4 CRE Tech Trends You’ll See in 2016

Big Data 101: What Real Estate Pros Need to Know

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