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The Second(-ish) Wave of CRE Tech

As we enter into the 4th quarter of 2017, we're reflecting on where we stand in CRE and what we can anticipate in 2018.  Throughout this year we saw..

3 ways to use BOMA measurement to maximize your RSF

BOMA measurement standards were developed to standardize the rentable square footage marketed in office properties. These standards provide landlords..

There is a better way to manage your documents!

  Do you find yourself searching through file cabinets, your co-worker's desk, and the shared server to find property related documents? Seems like..

Our 2017 Whitepaper on Building Measurement is Now Available

It is more important now than ever for commercial real estate landlords to ensure their buildings are properly measured. Savvy landlords employ..

A Facelift for RealAccess

RealAccess has a new look!

NEW RELEASE: Export Stack to Excel

Announcing the latest feature to our CRE space and asset management platform - Export Stack to Excel is a break through addition that will save tons..

Benefits of a Remeasurement Survey

All commercial property owners have square footage calculations for the rentable areas in their buildings. Owners will use these numbers for leasing..

All Square Feet Are Not Equal

When it comes to measuring office properties, there are a number of measurement methods which can be used to determine rentable square footage. Each..

New RealAccess Feature Release: Mobile Stacks 2.0

The RDM software development team is always looking for ways to improve the user experience with RealAccess. Most recently we released an enhanced..

Your Building. Your Brand. Your Choice. The new Color Picker feature on RealAccess.

One of the most common customer feature requests we receive is asking for the ability to customize the colors of your stacks and floor plans. We're..

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