News and Announcements

News and Announcements

RealAccess Reports: Measure your Properties' Growing Value

The Reports feature on RDM's RealAccess platform gives users real time optics on their properties' growing value.

South Region Market Research on BOMA 2017 is Now Available

As leaders in CRE tech and building measurement, Real Data Management surveyed a large sample of brokers across the United States in order to gain..

DRAW Tool: The Engine that delivers Space Analytics

The DRAW Tool on RDM's RealAccess platform is the engine that delivers Space Analytics. DRAW gives users the power to create or modify floor plans..

RDM hosts Measurement Matters workshop in Washington DC

RDM has long recognized the value of professional development as a tool to improve knowledge and make peoples' skills current so they can deliver..

Tour your spaces in 3D and Virtual Reality on RealAccess

3D Tours on RDM's RealAccess platform lets you "walk through" your spaces in virtual reality. After RDM takes a scan of a space and uploads it to..

Save time with Stack to Excel Automation

Stack to Excel on RDM's RealAccess platform lets you manipulate your Stacks the way you need to:

RDM’s National Expansion Lands in Chicago for January 2018

In response to the increased demand for an all-inclusive CRE platform of measurement and software solutions: [CHICAGO, IL - January 10, 2018] Real..

RDM Digitizing the old CRE workflow

Today in business, there is a never-ending quest to find efficiency— that was the driving force behind the creation of RDM's comprehensive..

Celebrating a successful year: RDM's 2017 Holiday Party

In honor of another great year at RDM, we celebrated our success at our annual holiday party. We enjoyed each other's company and had a blast..

RDM's Favorite Things

In the spirit of the holiday season, we surveyed the staff and asked them to share their Favorite Things.  We've compiled a list of gadgets on their ..

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