News and Announcements


News and Announcements

Define your own Target Rentable Square Footage in RealAccess

Why settle for a static 27% loss factor when your suite, floor, or building can grow so much more?

Marketing made simple with RealAccess Marketing and Leasing Plan Automation

This RealAccess feature simplifies the process of creating marketing materials, and saves RDM customers time and money. 

Visualize your portfolio with the Interactive Floor Plan

The Interactive Floor Plan (IFP) on RealAccess allows users to engage with floor plans in a completely new way. IFP gives you the power to see..

Save time with Stack to Excel Automation

Stack to Excel on RDM's RealAccess platform lets you manipulate your Stacks the way you need to:

There is a better way to manage your documents!

  Do you find yourself searching through file cabinets, your co-worker's desk, and the shared server to find property related documents? Seems like..

New RealAccess Feature Release: Mobile Stacks 2.0

The RDM software development team is always looking for ways to improve the user experience with RealAccess. Most recently we released an enhanced..

Your stacks have never looked better.

RDM is passionate about creating beautiful and efficient software for property managers, owners, and brokers. Over the last couple weeks our software..

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